Marley Carroll – 2011 Red Bull Thre3Style Routine

Marley’s set for the recent Red Bull Thre3Style DJ battle.  Competitors were given 15 minutes to do a party-rocking DJ set and were required to play at least three different genres of music. Download the mp3 below!

2011 Red Bull Thre3Style Routine (I Deed It) by Marley Carroll

B-Side Fridays

Introducing B-Side Fridays.

Every Friday, Marley Carroll will share an previously-unreleased track, accompanied by a photograph from Troy Lehman.  Some will be unfinished sketches, some will be old songs, and some will be fully-realized new tunes. We’ll even throw in the occasional remix or extended  DJ mix from time to time.

Stay tuned to the Marley Carroll Facebook page and YouTube channel for updates.  Every track will be available for free  (more…)

Joad Cressbeckler, America’s Next Great Pundit

Ephemera : Fall 2010 YouTube Roundup

This is something I mashed-up really quick a few weeks ago.  It’s a combination of this weird thing, and a Boards of Canada track called “Slow This Bird Down.”  Since September 28th it has had 3,285 views, making it the most circulated thing I’ve contributed to the Internet.  It’s fascinating what connects with people.

I also made this BlackBerry spoof a few weeks before that.  Kind of a sarcastic send-up of a recent ad that sends me into fits, for some reason. The guy is just… I hate him, and I have no idea why.  So I had to do something.

Finally, the “shreds” phenomenon (first featured here) shows no sign of slowing down.  The latest variant of this meme is “Radio Disney” versions of hardcore metal tunes (Slayer, Cannibal Corpse etc).  This one isn’t mine, but it’s pretty amazing.

October, So Far

OK, time to take a break from the constant stream of promotion for an honest update.  Please, come in, have a seat.

First, things are going swimmingly in the world of Melanaster Records.  I just returned from Trinumeral 10 in Miami, where I performed alongside Asheville favorite DJ Bowie, recent Asheville-by-way-of-Miami transplant Panther God, and national acts like Tokimonsta, Blackalicious, and Big Boi.  I performed the first night at 7th Circuit, holding it down outside in the beautiful Miami night air to a scattered crowd of engaged onlookers (that trance-like swaying state means you’re either bored or fascinated) while Otto Von Shirach’s sideshow / carnival / performance art electro madness raged inside the club.

It was not like this. Well, kinda. We definitely said, “I’m in Miami trick!” a lot.

The rest of the time I just enjoyed the myriad performances from all colors of the electronic music spectrum.  Everything from raw hip-hop (Blackalicious) to mashup party jams (Mochipet) to techy, aggressive dubstep (Heyoka).

October has a few more things in store.  First, there’s this:

(tiny poster = humble promo)

… where I will likely display more aggressive electro / house flavors for the people (huge sound system).  Next, this date will be special for Asheville:

November 3 2010

Keep it on the calendar.  And at the end of October, of course, there’s the brain-melting lineup at MoogFest, and though I haven’t yet committed to playing, I’ll likely end up at some after-party somewhere holding it down.

So there we are.  Since you have made it this far, here’s a special secret:

There will be a new Melanaster release in October.