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Praise for Sings:

“A lot of artists working to merge dance music’s propulsive complications with straightforward songwriting structures aim for something as simply excellent as this, and they often fail; however, Carroll hits a direct bullseye with “The Hunter”, and when the tart synth winds in about halfway through, it’s one of those eye-widening moments that should happen more often.” – Pitchfork

Sings is a collection more in line with nature than the future. It’s densely electronic, but somehow still the sort of thing you’d want to listen to while strolling through a forest.” – Stereogum

“‘Speed Reader’ is about the paralyzing notion that with each decision you make, an infinity of alternate possibilities has been closed forever,” Marley Carroll tells Rolling Stone. “When faced with this hard truth, one can either draw the blinds and shut the world out, or make the leap forward. Putting a pop spin on such a debilitating idea felt freeing.” – Rolling Stone

“It takes heart to create minimal music that sounds so complex, but that’s what makes this album so rich. It’s the space between his sounds, left open for thought and interpretation, which allows each song to be imprinted upon the listener. It’s similar to the chattering electronica of Caribou, with just a bit more sophistication.” – Slug Magazine

Praise for R&S / Cedars:

R&S / Cedars trumps the name game by oscillating its own contained – and tantalizingly brief – sound environment. Born out of dub-step’s generous negative space, “R&S” blossoms into a meditative excursion, merging thick bass with hopeful keys that pass like sun-rays along the wall. “Water Drumming” and “Cedars” take Marley Carroll’s contemplative locations to quicker tempos, utilizing a beautiful collage of rain, natural percussion and drone on the former. The cut-up vocals that nonsensically chatter through “Cedars” don’t hurt the track per se, but they swing the listener’s attention from its gorgeous background haze to the club-oriented artifice that screams 2012. To be clear, creating a sound for 2012 isn’t necessarily a bad thing but when R&S / Cedars has spent its majority sounding like a luxurious bamboo forest entirely devoid of time and trend, well, you can’t really put a name on that.” – Skeleton Crew Quarterly

“Short vocal snippets and a simple synthline pepper the tune, but the song’s allure isn’t so much in the notes as in the spaces between them.” – XLR8R


“Marley Carroll is connoisseur of groove, a tastemaker with a diverse palette and great attention to detail. Gifted in the dark arts of composition, production and turntablism… Marley Carroll is a veteran in the making.”
- Emancipator

“Marley Carroll, a wizard of voice, electronics and indie electro charm. His music is full of emotion and tight on the dance floor.”
- Tommy Cappell (Beats Antique)

“Marley Carroll manages to make beautiful music that doesn’t at all sound like to workings of one person.”
- Blockhead

“Listening to Marley Carroll sounds like having fun with a new friend who’s triple jointed! What a thrill!!”
- Beans

“I listen to way too much music and I still haven’t found someone that makes music like Marley Carroll…  all of his pieces contain 100% heart and 0% ego… If you like music that is going to grab at your soul equally as much as it will inform your musical mind, please take a listen to Marley Carroll.”
- Zane Carney (Carney, John Mayer)

“Marley Carroll makes music that manages to feel both very delicate and forceful at once… His live shows are rich, full and urgent—full of improvisation, and surprising to see emerge from such a contained visual source. Very exciting to see and hear, and inspiring, in all forms.”
- Eric Lindley (Careful)